Nature Dog produces raw dog food made with Australian grass fed kangaroo, rabbit & beef and hormone free chicken. Our fresh fruits and vegies are from a chemical & spray free farm in Gippsland Victoria.

Nature Dog is 100% natural & raw dog food homemade and delivered straight to your door.* It gives your dog all the nutrients it needs to live a healthy, long life. It is a delicious blend of fresh raw meat, raw meaty bones, and fresh raw vegetables and fruit.

Unlike some other dog food claims to be natural and healthy, Nature Dog is FREE of any preservatives, free of colours, free of chemical additives, contains no fillers such as pasta, grains and rice, and is NOT cooked. Nature Dog is conveniently delivered to your door in containers that are BPA free, tamper proof, resealable, reusable and fully recyclable, fortnightly.

Nature Dog will transform your dog into a healthy, non-smelling, sleek-looking canine with a shiny coat, healthy teeth and fresh breath.

When it comes to feeding your pooch, there are hundreds of options available. Only one is based on what nature intended and is truly in the best interest of your dog’s health & longevity – Nature Dog.

**Now available at a number of Retail outlets and Farmers Markets around Melbourne!!**

Upcoming events:

Pets In The Park – Sunday 26th March – Central Park Malvern

Cnr Wattletree Rd & Burke Rd Malvern  11.00am – 4.00pm

Boroondara (Hawthorn) and Gasworks (Albert Park) Farmers Markets – Saturday 18th March 2017

Slow Food Abbotsford Convent – Saturday 25th March 2017

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