The Benefits of Raw Food

Benefits of Nature Dog

  • It is 100% natural & raw
  • It contains NO preservatives, NO colours, NO fillers, NO chemicals, NO additives, and is NOT cooked.
  • It is home delivered.
  • It is convenient but not in a can or 15kg bag but in a  reusable 1 or 2 kilogram tub.

Benefits to your dog

  • Glossy coat. Nature Dog will transform your dog’s coat into a glossy, healthy, non smelling, sleek looking canine!
  • Significantly reduced body odour that means less washing.
  • Sweet smelling breath. Your dog will have a sweet smelling breath for those ‘up close’ moments.
  • Clean teeth and gums. No brushing of teeth required or visits to the vet for dental cleaning.
  • Increased energy!
  • Easy to pickup biodegradable poo’s. Your dog will eliminate easy to pick up, small nuggety poos that are less smelly, less voluminous and break down very quickly. Put them on the garden and they will break down back into the soil.
  • Reduced anal sac problems. Eliminating such poo’s naturally enhances anal sac cleaning and reduces the need for trips to the vet for manual expressing of the glands…which can be quite embarrassing for your mate!!!
  • Less smelly farts! Nature Dog helps to eliminate those ‘doggy farts’!!
  • Calmer temperament. You will find that your dog is more satisfied and has a calmer temperament as its body is not screaming for the nutrients lacking in mass produced processed food or alternatively being fed an abundance of vitamins & minerals that are detrimental to your dog’s health!!…i.e. junk food!
  • Healthy skin. Your dog’s body will be healthier and not seen as a host by unwanted guests such as fleas and ticks.
  • No more expensive flea treatments. An unhealthy, smelly, overweight dog fed on processed canned & dry food makes a tasty host for our least favourite guests. After a couple of months on Nature Dog this problem should ease and be eliminated.
  • Weight control. It is easy to control the weight of your dog…if your dog is too fat give them less!
  • Lean muscle tone. Your dog will be lean in muscle and not roly poly in fat!
  • Your dog will learn to eat everything…well…not curries, chillies, stir fries, onions, chocolate, potatoes, avocado’s, grapes, ice cream with chocolate topping, etc…use common sense here!!!
  • Less visits to the vet. Naturedog will help boost your dog’s immune system.