Goodbye tartar and smelly dog breath, naturally…

Co-Formulated by, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, Canident is a natural supplement with ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce tartar build up on your pet’s teeth in 5-8 weeks. As tartar reduces so does the incidence of bad breath that comes with the condition.

Canident is a blend of sustainably-harvested brown seaweeds that are farmed out in the cool waters of the Atlantic off West Ireland. The plants selected contain unique polysaccharides that studies show soften and reduce the tartar on your dog’s teeth over time. Great care is taken to dry this product, preserving these good bits.

Giving such a seaweed-based product is not just about teeth cleaning, however. Seaweed is a popular food supplement for dogs as it is so rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost your pet’s health.

  • given daily on food Canident will reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath in less than 8wks
  • rich in nutrients, antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories
  • no artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives

Why are clean teeth important?

Dirty teeth are not just about a foul-smelling mouth. They are a big problem. From under that dark yellow crust bacteria are free to invade the blood-and-thus-nutrient-rich gums. The body does not sit around allowing that to happen. It fights back, sending lots of immuno-soldiers to the point of impact (visible as a swollen red line above your dog’s sore teeth). The problem is all this infection and immune debris creates an enormous amount of inflammation around the body, affecting many organs, most notably the kidneys which have to clear everything away. This is why in older animals it’s so important to keep those teeth free of tartar.


A proprietary blend of 3 brown, Irish Atlantic brown seaweeds


Under 10kg – 1/2 – 1 Scoop

10kg-20kg – 1 – 2 Scoops

Over 20kg – 2 – 3 Scoops


300g tub, includes 2g scoop.

When you should use Canident

Any dog or cat with tartar can benefit from Canident until at least the tartar is gone when regular oral maintenance and a good bone once a week would keep most issues at bay (a half dose of Canident can be used as a maintenance dose). As long as the dog is not visibly suffering, it would be worth first using raw meaty bones and Canident to try resolve the issue without the need for a general anesthetic, particularly in toy breeds and older pets.

When you should NOT feed Canident

Canident should not be fed to dogs with hyperthyroid issues.

If using any other seaweed products in your pet’s diet, do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

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