To Assist in Natural Worm Preventative in Dogs


Co-Formulated by our friend, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, Kanex is a natural supplement that may assist in prevention of gut worms.

What is Kanex and how does it help?

Kanex comprises of 50% Dulse and 50% crushed, organic Stryian pumpkin seeds. It is expected to be an effective worm preventative.

Dulse (Palamaria palmata) is a red seaweed common in Irish waters. Traditionally, it has been used as an anti-helminthic due to its high levels of kainic acid which studies show is a potent antihelminthic (shuts down egg growth).

Pumpkin seeds are an effective anti-helminthic too, proven in studies to be as effective as Panacur (contains Fenbendazole), the most common chemical anti-helminthic used in pets. It works by reducing adult worm motility.

Do I still need to get my dog tested?

It is always important to make sure your dog gets a faecal check done twice a year, despite what preventative measures your pet is on. On top of this, we recommend researching the parasites that are endemic in your area and adjusting your methods accordingly, including taking into account how those numbers may change over seasons. Work with your vet to come up with the best plan for you and your pet.

What about Lungworms?

Kanex is expected to be very effective at gut worm prevention. Lungworm is another matter. As this worm must be ingested first, passing through the intestinal tract, it is expected regular use of Kanex will help to impede infection while they are in the gut. However, once in the lungs, we have no evidence that kainic acid or cucurbitacin actually works to impede their presence. Hence, a biannual faecal check is important. However, unlike gut worms where they check for eggs, it’s the larva of the lungworm they check for. This is a specialized test, called a Modified Baernann test. You must ask if your vet performs these. 


50% Dulse and 50% crushed, organic Stryian pumpkin seeds.


300g tub, includes 2g scoop.

Dosing Instructions:

Under 10kg – 1/2 Scoop

10kg – 20kg – 3/4 Scoop

> 32kg plus – 1 Scoop

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