Meaty Bones

Raw Meaty Bones

Raw meaty bones are a major component of what your dog needs and wants in his diet. In fact, up to half of a dogs diet can comprise of raw meaty bones. Raw bones are a great source of calcium and good fats plus they act as Natures toothbrush for your dog as such Nature Dog encourages you to feed lots of raw meaty bones to your dog.

The best bones are the ones that come from young animals such as chicken and lamb. These bones are relatively soft and your dog should be able to eat the whole bone. Any part of a chicken, for example a chicken neck, chicken wing or the whole chicken carcass are great. A lamb neck, turkey neck or turkey wing or other parts of a lamb, turkey or duck are good options speak to your butcher about what they have.

Larger, longer, weight bearing bones, or marrow bones can also be beneficial however, they can be a lot harder on your dogs teeth and your dog may not be able to digest such a large, hard bone. So you may find these ones discarded around the back yard!

Warning: NEVER feed a dog a COOKED bone. Cooked bones can easily splinter and may cause serious damage to a dogs intestines, throat or mouth and could cause choking. Plus the cooking process actually depletes them of much of their nutrients and goodness.

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