Raw versus Cooked

If you want a healthy dog then feed your best mate food that is TOTALLY RAW!!

Have you ever seen a dog in the wild cook its food?

So why do other pet food companies cook their food?

We’ve never seen any dog in the wild sit down and cook up their bones or vegies. Or for that matter, have you ever seen a dog go out and pick rice and other cereals, make pasta and then sit down a cook up a huge feed Of course you haven’t!

We know dogs are not designed to digest rice, wheat, cereals, corn etc. Grains are difficult for a dog to break down. They can cause problems with the mouth and digestive system as the dog needs to work hard to digest such food. However, you will find that most processed dog foods contain large amounts of grains as these are cheap fillers to add weight to the product, hmmm.

So with this in mind Nature Dog DOES NOT contain any fillers like rice, pasta, cereals cooked or raw!

Nature Dog does NOT contain any cooked bones!

Cooking destroys vital enzymes which dogs are unable to digest safely!


Raw versus Processed

Nature Dog, is food that has NOT been processed, manufactured or cooked, such as canned and dry dog foods. Raw foods contain all the nutrients, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids needed by your dog.

There is a growing movement today against all the junk food that humans are eating. For example, fats, salt, sugars etc. The impact on our health can be seen in the increased cases of diabetes, cancer, heart problems.

Processed, cooked canned & dry dog food is just that junk food for your dog! But they can’t tell you that!

Studies have shown that disease problems in dogs have increased concurrently with the increased consumption of processed and cooked dog food.

You can thank James Spratt, an American who in 1860 made the first dog biscuit made from wheat meal, vegetables and blood.

Ken-L-Ration was the first canned dog food. It was manufactured after World War I when there was an oversupply of horse meat that was considered worthless.

Today the pet food industry is a multimillion dollar industry that can make extravagant claims about their dog food with expensive marketing and paid endorsements to vets.

Gone are the days when we fed our dog raw meat, bones and leftovers.

Nature Dog & raw meaty bones are essential to the very health and well being of your pet.

And so…

Well, this is what Nature Dog is producing and supplying for you today.

Raw meaty bones are the major component of what your dog needs and wants. At least 50% of their diet must be raw meaty bones.

Muscle meat with some ground bone comprise 70-80% and offal approximately 5-10%.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits are selected and pulverized to break down the cell walls and incorporated into the mix.

Open pasture eggs and herbs, such as spirulina, alfalfa and kelp make up Nature Dog.

Nature Dog has been made to provide the appropriate ingredients essential for your best mate.

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