What is Nature Dog?

Nature Dog is a nutritious raw dog food made with fresh raw meat, ground meaty bones and fresh, raw seasonal vegetables and fruit, plus delicious added extras of offal, eggs, parsley, spirulina, alfalfa and kelp.

Nature Dog is created using minced raw meat, ground raw meaty bones combined with up to 12 different raw veggies and fruit, also minced to allow the plant cell walls to break down and making it nice and easy for your dog to digest. Its then lovingly stirred together with all the added extras and frozen to preserve its goodness.

Did you know that the fundamental dietary requirements of a dog are protein (essential amino acids), essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6’s plus a range of vitamins and minerals derived from vegetables and fruit?

Nature Dog is designed to provide all this and much more. It gives your dog the appropriate nutrients essential to help keep your best mate healthy and happy.

Nature Dog has it all!

Best of all Nature Dog is HOME DELIVERED in convenient re-useable, recyclable, BPA free tubs, direct to the kennel door!