Why Nature Dog?


A raw food diet is what a dog’s digestive system is designed for.

A natural raw food diet results in a number of benefits

  • Sweet smelling breath
  • Clean teeth and gums
  • Glossy, non smelly coat
  • Healthy skin
  • Calmer temperamet
  • Lean muscle tone
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced anal sac problems
  • Less smelly farts!
  • Easy to pick up biodegradable poo’s
  • Less visits to the vet


A dog is an omnivore, that is, they eat food of both plant and animal origin, in a raw state.

Dogs are hunters…

Before our dog was domesticated, it used to live a long and healthy life in the wild, roaming the land in search of food. When a dog caught an animal, the first thing it would eat was the stomach contents.

The animals the dogs caught and ate were herbivores or vegetarians, so the stomach contents contained semi-digested plant material. Further, dogs or canines are unable to digest cellulose unless it is broken down into smaller pieces…ie the plant cell walls are broken. The animals dogs hunted had already broken down this plant material and so the contents of the stomach was consumed first.

The dog would then consume the internal organs such as the liver, heart, kidneys, tripe (stomach tissue), tongue etc. Lastly, the dog would consume the carcass, i.e. the raw meaty bones and meat of the animal. So when you consider this, a dog’s ideal diet is made up of raw meaty bones, raw meat & raw plant material (vegetables).

Dogs are scavengers…

Dogs would roam to find their food. They would eat the leftovers from other animals, they would dig up vegetables, eat grasses, herbs, and be seen foraging around fruit trees to consume the ripe fallen fruit.

Dogs would not necessarily have a ‘balanced and complete’ intake of food everyday but instead would eat as required or scavenge the food needed to meet their nutritional requirements.

They would also eat faeces and rotting flesh as these provided the valuable nutrients. Have you ever wondered why your dog might be eating faeces?

This diet ensured a variety of food in terms of different types of animals eaten and the combination of stomach content, offal, raw meaty bones, fruits, grasses etc.

Importantly dogs did not necessarily eat every day and they did not eat a balanced or complete meal containing everything they needed, every time they ate. This approach to feeding is a human condition!!

Raw food is exactly that: Raw

It is food that has NOT been processed, manufactured or cooked unlike our canned and dry foods. Therefore it contains all the nutrients, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids etc needed by your dog.

There is a growing movement today against all the junk food that humans are eating. For example, fats, salt, sugars etc. The impact on our health can be seen in the increase numbers with diabetes, cancer, heart problems etc.

Well, processed, cooked canned and dry food is just that…junk food for dogs!!! But they can’t tell you that!