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Australian grass fed, preservative free, kangaroo, rabbit & beef and hormone free chicken.


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Check out the range of all natural raw dog food in our online store. We have products in these categories: Chicken, Original Plus including Kangaroo, Rabbit and Beef, Allergy/Sensitive or Single Protein and Vegetarian Mix.

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What is Nature Dog?

Nature Dog is a nutritious dog food that blends together fresh raw meat, meaty bones and fresh, raw seasonal vegetables and fruit. It also includes some delicious added extras such as offal, raw eggs, spirulina, alfalfa and kelp. To create Nature Dog we mince the veggies as this allow the plant cell walls to break down and makes it nice and easy for your dog to digest. We add the already minced raw meat and raw bones and we then lovingly stir through all the added extras!

Why Raw Dog Food?

A dog is an omnivore, that is, they eat food of both plant and animal origin, in a raw state.  Before our dog was domesticated, it used to live a long and healthy life in the wild, roaming the land in search of food. The animals the dogs caught and ate were herbivores or vegetarians, so the stomach contents contained semi-digested plant material. Further, dogs or canines are unable to digest cellulose unless it is broken down into smaller pieces…ie the plant cell walls are broken. A raw food diet is what a dog’s digestive system is designed for.

Customer testimonials

“A change to Nature Dog natural food! I swear by this company and WILL NOT give Lulu anything else to eat now. After only 2 weeks I noticed a massive difference and now that smell of hers has completely gone. Thanks Naturedog! I couldn’t recommend you enough!”


“Jack had a major skin allergy and I mean major. For eight years we tried everything to rid him of this affliction!! The cost emotionally and financially was enormous! Within a month of feeding him Nature Dog & lots of raw meaty bones, this allergy had totally cleared.”