• Hemp Seed Oil


    Hemp Seed Oil: Is full of omega 3, 6 and 9.? It is raw, cold pressed and vegan friendly.  There are no additives or colouring just the beautiful green oil that has come straight from the hemp seeds.

    It’s a fantastic addition to your pet’s daily routine for their optimal health.  It helps to strengthen the immune system and can help with inflammation, pain and stiffness.

    Great for older dogs.  Plus, it can help with skin allergies and dry, flaky skin. The balanced fatty acids in hemp seed oil play an important role in reducing the inflammation associated with common skin issues.

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  • Dr. Judy Morgan’s Dental Health Formula


    Spray Bottle

    Dr. Judy Morgan’s Dental Health is her signature product. The most effective canine and feline dental spray in the world! It helps caring for your pet’s dental health easier than ever. Now in a spray top bottle. 

    • All-natural product of New Zealand, the greenest place on earth.
    • Contains no water, alcohol, glycerine, or fillers.
    • Reduces plaque and tartar by killing oral bacteria.
    • Easy to use, just 2 sprays or 2 to 5 drops on upper gums once daily.
    • No brushing needed
    • Freshens breath, very palatable for pets.
    • Can begin using as early as 10-12 weeks old. As soon as they get teeth.
    • Safe for pregnant or lactating animals. 
    • 30ml bottle contains 250 sprays

    Keeping your pets’ healthy starts with a good diet and a healthy mouth. This product makes it easy to decrease tartar and dental infections. This product can be used routinely to maintain good oral health as well as help with more serious issues such as:

    • stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth and gums, sores)
    • gingivitis
    • tooth extractions
    • ulcers

    New Zealand Propolis

    Manuka UMF Honey (produced in NZ)
    Manuka Essential Oil
    Cinnamon Oil
    Peppermint Oil
    Manuka Hydrosol
    Deer Velvet Antler Extract from New Zealand

    Pets need proper dental care, just like people do. Daily brushing helps keep your pet healthy. My favourite toothpaste is made using coconut oil mixed with a few drops of Dr. Judy’s Dental Health Formula. I do not recommend the use of starch-based dental chews or that may contain water additives xylitol and other harmful chemicals.

    Deer Antler Velvet

    Deer Antler Velvet has been used in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.  In recent years, there have been numerous studies affirming its healing properties and as a result, it’s use has gained mainstream popularity.  Our pets (cats, dogs, horses, etc.) as well as humans can benefit from its use. 

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  • Dr. Judy Morgan’s Senior Formula for Dogs







    Senior dog formula helps with cognitive decline and joint function.

    Helps support and maintain proper body functions of both physical and mental well-being. Recommended for all breeds to support healthy hip and joint function. Supports cognitive abilities. Helps reduce oxidative stress/negative effects of stress. The difference between Senior and Wellness is that Senior is more concentrated. Deer Velvet helps with cell regeneration and muscle recovery.

    Contains 120 chewable tablets 750 mg, made in New Zealand

    Ingredients per tablet:

    • BioActive Deer Velvet             500 mg from New Zealand
    • Green Lipped Mussel             125 mg
    • Chondroitin Sulphate              75 mg
    • Ginseng                                  20 mg


    • < 12 kg        1 tablet daily
    • 12 – 22 kg   2 tablets daily
    • Over 23kg   3 tablets daily
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  • Canident




    Goodbye tartar and smelly dog breath, naturally…

    Co-Formulated by, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, Canident is a natural supplement with ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce tartar build up on your pet’s teeth in 5-8 weeks. As tartar reduces so does the incidence of bad breath that comes with the condition.

    Canident is a blend of sustainably-harvested brown seaweeds that are farmed out in the cool waters of the Atlantic off West Ireland. The plants selected contain unique polysaccharides that studies show soften and reduce the tartar on your dog’s teeth over time. Great care is taken to dry this product, preserving these good bits.

    Giving such a seaweed-based product is not just about teeth cleaning, however. Seaweed is a popular food supplement for dogs as it is so rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost your pet’s health.

    • given daily on food Canident will reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath in less than 8wks
    • rich in nutrients, antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories
    • no artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives

    Why are clean teeth important?

    Dirty teeth are not just about a foul-smelling mouth. They are a big problem. From under that dark yellow crust bacteria are free to invade the blood-and-thus-nutrient-rich gums. The body does not sit around allowing that to happen. It fights back, sending lots of immuno-soldiers to the point of impact (visible as a swollen red line above your dog’s sore teeth). The problem is all this infection and immune debris creates an enormous amount of inflammation around the body, affecting many organs, most notably the kidneys which have to clear everything away. This is why in older animals it’s so important to keep those teeth free of tartar.


    A proprietary blend of 3 brown, Irish Atlantic brown seaweeds


    Under 10kg – 1/2 – 1 Scoop

    10kg-20kg – 1 – 2 Scoops

    Over 20kg – 2 – 3 Scoops


    300g tub, includes 2g scoop.

    When you should use Canident

    Any dog or cat with tartar can benefit from Canident until at least the tartar is gone when regular oral maintenance and a good bone once a week would keep most issues at bay (a half dose of Canident can be used as a maintenance dose). As long as the dog is not visibly suffering, it would be worth first using raw meaty bones and Canident to try resolve the issue without the need for a general anesthetic, particularly in toy breeds and older pets.

    When you should NOT feed Canident

    Canident should not be fed to dogs with hyperthyroid issues.

    If using any other seaweed products in your pet’s diet, do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

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  • AC4



    AC4 | Naturally assists in the fight with cancer in your pet.

    Co-Formulated by our friend, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, AC4 is a natural supplement that may assist your pet in their battle with cancer.

    AC4 contains a proprietary blend of sustainably harvested seaweeds and one red moss. Each has been proven effective in the fight against cancer (in humans and rats). We do not make any claims beyond this. As a potent antioxidative and anti-inflammatory and considering the sheer nutritional kick in seaweed, we do believe AC4 would make an excellent accompaniment to most conventional treatments but please always work with your vet to formulate the best course of action for your pet. We know cancer is a beast and sometimes all you can do is throw the kitchen sink at it. 

    The seaweeds used in this product have been selected for their anti-tumor / anti-
    cancer benefits in a range of clinical animal studies (see here for studies).

    • contains an array of bioactive, anti-inflammatory compounds such as fucoidans and fucoxanthin
    • rich in bioavailable nutrients
    • no artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives.


    A blend of dry, milled green and brown seaweeds


    300g tub, includes 2g scoop


    2g (1 Scoop) per 10kg of body weight

    When you should NOT use AC4…

    There are no known drug clashes so far for AC4 therefore it should be safe to use alongside any recommended conventional treatments but please consult with a good veterinarian first. AC4 is a potent anti-inflammatory so if your vet is using further anti-inflammatories please ensure to remind them that your pet is using AC4

    Further, it is not recommend to use AC4 in pets with Hyperthyroid issues.

    If using any other seaweed products in your pet’s diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

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  • BioFunction8



    Natural relief from chronic gut issues…

    Co-Formulated by our friend, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, BioFunction8 is a natural supplement containing a unique blend of seaweeds, herbs and plant ingredients selected for their ability to promote gut health in animals.

    BioFunction8 contains organic german chamomile flowers, a.k.a “mother of the gut”. This is a famous gut soother. BioFunction8 settles the gut, decreasing inflammation and alleviating the symptoms of IBS, IBD and acid reflux.

    BioFunction8 also contains organic marshmallow root, a herb known to aid intestinal repair by increasing the mucosal lining, which is often lost during gut issues. The mucosal lining is where the gut flora live and work.

    The chia seeds are added to slow the speed your dog’s gut evacuates, giving more chance for digestion to occur, soaking up excess water in the stool in the process. 

    • rich in antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories
    • chamomile soothes a variety of IBS/IBD like symptoms including acid reflux
    • fucoxanthin protects gut cell membranes
    • marshmallow increases the mucosal layer in intestinal lining
    • chia seeds slow the passage of digesta, absorbing available water
    • rich in bioavailable nutrients to replace those lost to gut barrier dysfunction
    • no artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives


    Organic German Chamomile, Organic Marshmallow Root Powder, Organic Chia Seed Powder and a Proprietary Blend of Seaweeds and Extracts.


    300g tub, includes 2g scoop.


    Dosing Instructions:

    2g (1 Scoop) per 10kg of body weight

    BF8 is a dry, powdered product containing different dried ingredients of different grind thicknesses so best advice is to first shake the pack. You can sprinkle it directly onto food.

    Should not be used in:

    BioFunction8 contains some seaweed and thus iodine. Therefore, it is not to be used in dogs with Hyperthyroid issues.

    If using any other seaweed products in your pet’s diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.



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  • StoolRite


    StoolRite | Quickly relieve anal gland issues in dogs, naturally.

    Gastrointestinal issues have resulted in your dogs’ anal glands becoming blocked and sore so they butt scoot to relieve it. Stoolrite is a unique, nutritious, natural solution that unlike other fibre supplements has a dual effect. First, it is an anti-inflammatory of the gut. Then its high soluble fibre content promotes better gut function and stool formation in your dogs.

    What is StoolRite?

    StoolRite is a unique, all-natural solution to anal gland issues in dogs. It is made of an incredible type of sea plant (which exact one is proprietary, and no, it’s not kelp!) that not only acts as an anti-inflammatory in the gut but as it also rich in soluble and insoluble dietary fibres, helps improve gut function and ultimately stool quality. It is this dual function that makes StoolRite the greatest anal-gland reliever on the market (in our opinion…and that of all the people that review the product, in fairness!).

    Why has my dog got anal gland problems?

    Anal glands are like little zits that sit at 4 and 8 o’clock just inside your dog’s anus. They contain a sticky (and very smelly) greenish-yellow liquid that dogs use to communicate with each other. As a firm stool passes out the anus, it squishes the glands, emitting some of the pheromones.

    Blocked anal glands most often result from a dog with gut issues – too much gastrointestinal inflammation (usually from the wrong diet, something we at Dogs First can help you with) coupled with too many soft stools means the glands do not express properly. Instead, they build up. This can soon become uncomfortable and even painful for the dog, which they try to relieve by bottom-scooting across your carpet.

    How does Stoolrite help?

    As well as being highly nutritious, Seaweed is choc-full of anti-inflammatory compounds, many of them unique to plants under the waves (such as fucoidans), which help to cool off some of the inflammation in the gut. Then the high fibre content of the sea plant used in StoolRite absorbs spare water in the gut, firming up the stools that in turn permit greater expression of the glands. Furthermore, the complex carbohydrates and dietary saccharides in StoolRite are thought to act as a natural prebiotic, helping to restore microbiota balance, boosting gut health and thus nutrient absorption in dogs.

    How do I give StoolRite?

    StoolRite is a finely ground, green powder. There is a 2g scoop included. Your dog needs around 2g per 10kg of dog. You sprinkle it on their food (and yes, the vast majority like the taste. In fact, because it works so well, don’t underestimate your dogs’ ability to know what’s good for them. Still, you might build to the required dose slowly over a few meals and mix it well into their food!).

    How long will StoolRite take to work?

    As the reviews corroborate, we expect StoolRite to relieve your dogs’ anal gland issues in anything from 2-14 days.


    A single, high fibre, sustainably harvested green seaweed (proprietary)

    Please note…



    Anal Glands in Dogs – Too Many Soft Poos Is The Cause Of Anal Gland Issues In Dogs…

    Dr Conor Brady

    Anal gland issues are almost entirely a dry-fed dog phenomenon. They are greatly alleviated with its removal. Below I will show you the cause and solution to your dogs issues. 

    What are the anal glands and why do they impact?

    The anal glands, situated at 4 and 8 o’clock around the dog’s anus, are like two tiny nipples. Their function is to release pheromones on to the stool, to enable communication between dogs. Therefore, dog’s sniff each other’s butts. As faeces passes over the anal glands they are expressed, this causes the pheromones to be released.

    However, if the faeces are too soft, these will not be expressed. Over time, this results in a build-up of the anal glands, which can then become impacted. This is very sore for a dog and materialises by them dragging their bum along the ground in an effort to express them.

    When this does not work, they require manual expression by the dog’s owner or a vet (see below, pretty graphic, best leave it to a groomer or vet as the stuff absolutely stinks). If left unattended they will build up and impact, causing severe pain, even rupturing, so they need to be attended to.

    Soft faeces is the cause of a dog’s anal glands issues. It is most likely the dog is dry fed (as he has anal gland issues) as pelleted dry food increases the water content of stools (Stroucken et al. 1996). The question is why? There are two reasons – the first is the presence of too much indigestible plant fibre in the dry food and the second is food sensitivity.

    To Understand Anal Glands in Dogs First You Need To Understand What Poo Is!…

    Faeces (or stool) is the undigested leftover bits from food that has passed through the digestive system. A meal that is high in indigestible food will lead to larger waste material (i.e faeces).

    If you eat a very digestible meal (like pasta) or chicken breast, it will produce very little waste as the body will digest and assimilate almost everything that went in. On the other hand, if you eat a meal full of less digestible material (like plant fibre) then more will make it out the other end.

    This effect is magnified for carnivores. Plant fibre requires a long, slow digestive system with special gut micro-flora that is adapted to breaking it down, such as that of a cow. We omnivores with our shorter and relatively faster digestive systems, are a little worse at it. We have systems that need to accommodate a bit of meat and less fibrous additions.

    Dogs and cats are carnivores. Left to their own devices they consume a diet of 97% animal protein. They have short, fast guts with stomach acids like battery acid, around pH1.5. They are designed to digest meat which by its nature is a very digestible foodstuff, void of all the indigestible fibre you get with plant material. Due to this, a dog generally has significantly smaller stools than an omnivore who in turn have smaller poos than a herbivore!

    What Does the Ideal dog Stool Look Like?

    A good dog stool is reasonably small logs or nuggets, though they will vary in size between breeds. As they do not contain much fibre, they are firmer and not as moist as human faeces. They should be relatively firm and easy to pick up, leaving a slight residue.

    The Role of Insoluble Fibre in Soft Poos…

    Fibre moderates the speed that food passes through the digestive system. Indigestible plant fibre acts like a sponge in the stool, absorbing water from the surroundings. This has a bulking effect, making the stool wetter and softer, lubricating the stool and speeding up it’s arrival out the other end.

    While the dog’s system is ideal for digesting meat it is really poor at digesting plant material. It doesn’t hold on to it long enough for digestion to occur. Even if it did they don’t house the necessary microbes to get the job done. And they don’t have the enzymes. And their teeth don’t grind down the rough plant material at point of entry.

    The only fibre your dog really needs is that he sources from the hair or feathers on his prey, maybe some nails, maybe some leaves that stuck to his meal, maybe a bit of grass that they sometimes like to eat. They don’t need plant material. Lots of people (me included) use some plant additions (such as greens) in their dog’s diet to aid the flow of digesta through the gut as in general few of us are feeding whole animals with hair and feathers. The bif of plant fibre here is an attempt to replace that.

    With this in mind, the addition of plant fibre to your dog’s diet will make his poos softer. If you are feeding a dry food that is high in crude fibre it may play a role in making his stool too soft. S

    The Role of Food Intolerance in Soft Dog Poos…

    The second cause of dog’s anal gland issues is food intolerance, most likely to wheat (gluten) and cooked protein. As highlighted in our popular Allergy in Dogs article, the majority of dogs are suspected to be intolerant to wheat gluten. This means they cannot digest it and their immune system around their guts becomes affected. This causes inflammation of the gut and the body trying to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible through the back door. This digesta is not well formed and is often soft to the point of being diarrhoea. However, wheat is not the only cost and I urge you, if your dog has recurring soft poos, you really need to address his diet. There are many reasons dry, ultra-processed food can produce bad stools in dogs, and they’re all addressed in our allergy article.

    The Cure to Anal Gland Issues In Dogs

    The cure to anal gland issues in dogs is two-fold. Firstly, the dog should not be fed any stool-loosening foods (indigestible plant fibre, wheat gluten, cooked protein, in other words, dry-food and pet store treats like dental sticks). Remove all these and feed a biologically appropriate fresh dog food. There is nothing like real, species-appropriate, raw dog food to create great stools in dogs.

    Once the bad stuff is removed and the good stuff is put in the dog’s stools will dry up a bit, becoming firmer and the dog should be able to express the anal glands normally.

    In the meantime, and certainly for those staying on dry food, the tried and tested way of firming up a soft poo is by adding in some fibre (inulin). Some vets recommend a handful of muesli (raisin free, of course) for that bit of fibre. However, muesli is rarely gluten-free (most contain wheat or barley) so it’s not recommended.

    Co-formulated by Dr Conor Brady, StoolRite is cheap, effective, natural solution to anal gland issues in dogs. It will both increase stool quality in your dog and work to relieve inflammation that causes anal gland issues.

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  • Oculus Prime



    For Weepy Eyes & Tear Staining in Dogs

    Co-Formulated by our friend, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, Oculus Prime is a natural supplement containing a specially selected blend of sustainably harvested sea plants that are potent anti-inflammatories of the mucosa, reducing water leakage from the eyes – and thus tear staining – by combatting the inflammation that causes it.

    What is Oculus Prime and how does it help?

    Oculus Prime contains a selected blend of four specific sea plants – 2 green seaweeds, one brown and a little red sea moss – that are known for their anti-inflammatory effects on mucosal membranes. By soothing irritation in the eyes, water flow is reduced. In this way, Oculus Prime works systemically to reduce weepy eyes and tear staining in dogs.

    What causes tear staining and weepy eyes?

    Weepy eyes (and the tear staining that results) are common in many dogs, but particularly in smaller, white-coated breeds. As long as we have eliminated the other usual suspects (eye infection / something in the eye / a structural issue from breeding) weepy eyes in dogs tend to be a sign of inflammation. This makes sense as most white coated dogs are also know to have more allergies. Weepy eyes are a bit like a smoke alarm going off. Sources of inflammation that you may be able to reduce are:

    • Dry pet food
    • Poor quality pet store treats
    • Chemical parasite control and unnecessary vaccinations
    • Chemicals around the home or in the garden
    • Poor quality, highly chlorinated water
    • Inflammation from pain, disease or allergies – mitigation is key

    The trick is to remove as many of these inflammatory additions as you can and adding anti-inflammatories. 

    What is the staining around my dogs eyes?

    Tears contain many components but of particular concern in the case of tear stains are porforins, a little iron-based compound, giving it the reddish brown color. If you stop the tears, you stop the porforins and their fur should return to it’s normal color as it grows out. 


    A proprietary blend of four sea plants – two green seaweeds, one brown and a red sea moss.


    300g tub, includes 2g scoop.

    Dosing Instructions:

    2g (1 Scoop) per 10kg of body weight

    Oculus Prime is a finely ground, green-grey powder. It can be sprinkled right on top of food.

    When should I NOT use Oculus Prime in dogs?

    Oculus Prime is a blend of seaweed and moss. We recommend you do not use it in conjunction with other seaweed-based products. 

    Oculus Prime is a potent natural anti-inflammatory. We do not recommend you couple it with other anti-inflammatories, natural or from the vet, unless your vet give you the okay.

    Lastly, Oculus Prime is a source of iodine. It is not to be used in dogs with hyperthyroid issues. 

    If using any other seaweed products in your pet’s diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

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  • Kanex



    To Assist in Natural Worm Preventative in Dogs


    Co-Formulated by our friend, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, Kanex is a natural supplement that may assist in prevention of gut worms.

    What is Kanex and how does it help?

    Kanex comprises of 50% Dulse and 50% crushed, organic Stryian pumpkin seeds. It is expected to be an effective worm preventative.

    Dulse (Palamaria palmata) is a red seaweed common in Irish waters. Traditionally, it has been used as an anti-helminthic due to its high levels of kainic acid which studies show is a potent antihelminthic (shuts down egg growth).

    Pumpkin seeds are an effective anti-helminthic too, proven in studies to be as effective as Panacur (contains Fenbendazole), the most common chemical anti-helminthic used in pets. It works by reducing adult worm motility.

    Do I still need to get my dog tested?

    It is always important to make sure your dog gets a faecal check done twice a year, despite what preventative measures your pet is on. On top of this, we recommend researching the parasites that are endemic in your area and adjusting your methods accordingly, including taking into account how those numbers may change over seasons. Work with your vet to come up with the best plan for you and your pet.

    What about Lungworms?

    Kanex is expected to be very effective at gut worm prevention. Lungworm is another matter. As this worm must be ingested first, passing through the intestinal tract, it is expected regular use of Kanex will help to impede infection while they are in the gut. However, once in the lungs, we have no evidence that kainic acid or cucurbitacin actually works to impede their presence. Hence, a biannual faecal check is important. However, unlike gut worms where they check for eggs, it’s the larva of the lungworm they check for. This is a specialized test, called a Modified Baernann test. You must ask if your vet performs these. 


    50% Dulse and 50% crushed, organic Stryian pumpkin seeds.


    300g tub, includes 2g scoop.

    Dosing Instructions:

    Under 10kg – 1/2 Scoop

    10kg – 20kg – 3/4 Scoop

    > 32kg plus – 1 Scoop

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  • Irish Kelp



    Sustainably harvested Irish kelp for dogs

    Co-Formulated by our friend, Dr. Conor Brady, and made in Ireland, Kelp For Dogs is a natural supplement which contains a brown seaweed (Laminaria, a.k.a. kelp). Kelp is packed full of powerful antioxidants such as fucoidans
    that are unique to seaweeds as well as iodine both of which promote health in your dog. Favored by breeders worldwide to improve coat and skin condition and coloration.

    What is kelp?

    Kelp, at least true kelp, is the stuff that grows in big forests under the sea (you always see seals and fish swimming through these tree-like plants reaching upwards. We say true kelp as folk seem to think there is only one seaweed under the ocean! True kelp is called Laminaria. Kelp for dogs is not only deeply nutritious, containing a whole array of easy-to-absorb vitamins and minerals, but also choc-full of unique bioactive compounds, such as fucoidans, that stem from its rough way of life. Kelp grows in a very hostile environment with regular changes in salinity, temperature, water to air, things nibbling you and not to mention being battered daily by rocks. It has thus evolved a variety of antioxidative and anti-inflammatory compounds, many of which are only found in plants beneath the waves. We can consume these and reap serious benefits.

    What does kelp do for my dog?

    We promote Irish Kelp for Dogs as a nutrient booster. There is simply no comparing the bioavailability of nutrients from mother nature versus synthetic vitamins. Every meal benefits from a little scoop. Kelp also seems to improve coat and skin condition and even “brings out the colour” of the dog’s nose!

    What makes this kelp special? 

    Dogs First Irish Kelp is sustainably harvested (not off the beach or intertidal zone) out in the cool, clean Atlantic ocean. That’s first. Seaweed is only as good as the water it is grown in. Secondly, many brands use heat in the drying process. High temperatures can destroy the delicate long-chain polysaccharides that do most of the cool stuff. 


    Dry, milled, sustainably-harvested Irish Kelp.


    300g tub, includes 2g scoop.

    Dosing Instructions:

    2g (1 Scoop) per 10kg of body weight

    Should not be used in:

    True kelp (Laminaria) is high in iodine. As such, it is not recommended for use in pets with hyperthyroidism.

    If using any other seaweed products in your pet’s diet do not exceed a 5% inclusion ratio of seaweed product to total feed.

    Please note…



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  • OcluVet Lubricant Eye Drops


    OcluVet Lubricant Eye Drops contains the following six nutrients:

    • Glutathione – Powerful antioxidant in the lens critical to protecting proteins and DNA repair.
    • Riboflavin – Supporting Water soluble vitamin (B-2) that is vital for the synthesis and recycling of Glutathione.  This helps not only produce Glutathione but keep it active longer.
    • Cystein Ascorbate – Water soluble of vitamin C and L-cysteine that are necessary for the metabolism of Glutathione.
    • L-Carnosine – Powerful antioxidant that immediately neutralizes free-radicals and is a glycosylation and protein cross linking inhibitor.
    • N-AcetylCarnosine – Same activity as L-Camosine but stays in the cells longer and provides prolonged free radical scavenging.
    • L-Taurine – Antioxidant that provides detoxifying activity.  This helps stabilize the cell membrane and helps modulation of cellular calcium levels.

    Learn how to Administer OcluVet.

    Over the course of 3 to 4 days, you will learn how your dog best responds to the drops.  Try to make the administration time fun and have a treat ready for after you have given the drops.  The important part is for you to avoid frustration…you will succeed!

    For the first 4 to 8 weeks insert one drop in each eye, two to three times daily.  After this period, you can give one drop in each eye daily.  This will maintain the improvement.
    Soon you will be part of the group that experiences the positive change that comes with your dogs improved eye health.  Your dog is lucky to be part of your family!


    Veterinarians testing OcluVet reported that owners found within a few weeks of treatment they noticed a changes in their dog’s personality and habits including:

    • More Activity and Mobility.
    • Increased Appetite.
    • Mood Upswings.
    • Happier Disposition.


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